We had spent 5 days in the Myvatn area, as we were expecting my wife and parents to join us for the bicycle trip. It was a nice idea to cycle with 3 generations through Iceland.
Planned was a difficult highland route, to the Askja, then (even more difficult) cross over to the Sprengisandur and on to Landmanalaugar.
A typical campsite in the desert
Ready to go !
After you were sitting for a whole day, it is advisable to do some gymnastics....
Food for body and mind:
Pasta and Harry Potter
I think, the planned trip has probably been a bit ambitious. Our speed - or better the lack of it - made me worry about the quantity of food we carried and the beginning of the gravel route to the Askja wasn't very promising either. Deep sand, a corrugated road surface and the warnings about the thigh deep fords ahead made the decision easier to change the route and go north towards the Dettifoss, Europes largest waterfall.
Well, Iceland was hard on my parents. This route, although lacking the sand, was corrugated throughout and to make matters worse, we got heavy headwind, temperatures just above freezing and a good amount of rain. Cycling was no fun !!!
Sammy cooking a lifesaving soup
All our efforts of good cooking (Pasta, pasta and more pasta) were in vain, my parents decided to give up cycling, take the bus from the Dettifoss, then rent a car and meet us again at the end of the holiday.

Here 3 generations and their bicycles at the Dettifoss